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Property Condition Assessments
Property Condition Reports

Document Review and Research

Depending on the depth of a commercial inspection desired, for additional costs Viscomi Inspection Services can solicit and review the available documentation prior to the walk-through survey of the subject property - including:

  • Blueprints (as available)
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Public documents
  • Freedom of Information Act Governmental Records
  • Building code and fire violations
  • Maintenance inspection records (owner provided)
  • Safety inspection records (owner-provided)

Interview of Pertinent Personnel

If desired, Viscomi Inspection Services will set up and conduct in-depth interviews with all appropriate maintenance, building personnel and/or residents. We can thoroughly review the maintenance, repair and replacement history of the property's major components with the selected individuals in order to determine a true assessment of the "current condition" and any "physical deficiencies" of the subject property.

Walk-Through Survey

In all of our inspection types, Viscomi Inspection Services will then conduct a non-invasive survey or "field inspection" of the subject property and all of its major components in accordance with ASTM guidelines and collect the findings into a "Property Condition Report" or "PCR" that also follows the format suggested in the these guidelines.

"Cost to Cure" Estimates

Viscomi Inspection Services will also estimate "cost to cure" all identified physical deficiencies noted in the "PCR" or "Property Condition Report". These costs can also be adjusted for inflation on any future deficiencies noted.